BACKGROUND 4K Stock Video Footage (packs)


Video Packs on BACKGROUND for your Marketing Strategy. Create videos from these to generate traffic or product sales or affiliate recommendations.


In today’s digital world, video is critical to generate sales or traffic.

The problem is that to create videos, many times we do not have videos that can be used in our projects or they are very expensive.

For that reason, today I present you a Powerful Solution!

It is a New Collection of 4K Full HD videos

all related to BACKGROUND!

To make it easier for you to use them, we have grouped them into packages!

There are a total of 55 videos in Very High Quality 4K Full HD (4096 × 2160)!

Look at the 4 packs that we have for the same price:


PACK 1: Background 4K Stock Video Footage pt1

PACK 2: Background 4K Stock Video Footage pt2

PACK 3: Background 4K Stock Video Footage pt3


PACK 4: Background 4K Stock Video Footage pt4


It may be yours now for only $ 110!



  • Create videos to Promote your Business.
  • Create videos to promote your Products.
  • Create videos to insert into your blog.
  • Complements your videos with these resources.


  • Make videos to generate traffic to product offerings Blogs with Affiliate Programs.
  • Create videos to Share on your Social Networks.
  • Generate videos for your clients’ businesses.


HOW MUCH DOES this High Quality Video Collection COST?

Buying a video on Shutterstock Video Sales Platforms costs …

Now, imagine that 55 HD videos at u$s 79 would cost you u$s 4345.-

and here you get it for a fraction !!

Suppose I sell it to you for u$s 10 for each video, your investment would be only u$s 370,

and you would save u$s 3795!

But wait!


I have a Special Offer for you for a limited time,

where you take everything for u$s 110.

Imagine, 55 4K Full HD videos (quality superior to HD) for only u$s 110.

A real bargain! This will not be repeated!

Do not procrastinate. Take advantage now!

Do not miss this opportunity that will be available for a short time!

Buy it now by clicking the Add to Cart button.





Note: HD videos are at a resolution of 1920×1080, while 4K Full HD has a higher resolution of 4096 × 2160.





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